Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a very popular sport that used to only be available in the winter. If you want to skate outdoors on real ice then that is still the only time to enjoy it. However, with advances in technology it is now possible to experience ice skating at an indoor area. Special machines are made to add layers of ice that are continually smoothed out so you will always have a terrific surface to glide across.

Special skates are used for ice skating that have sharp blades on the bottom of them. The blades allow the person to be able to glide along the ice at very fast speeds if they desire. The amount of friction that a skater is able to manipulate as they move along the ice will help to determine the speed of movement. It also allows them to remain in complete control of their movements at all times.

Most people find ice skating to be more difficult than ice skating as you have to learn to balance your body differently on them. A great deal of weight is placed on your ankles and legs while ice skating. The more you practice the stronger they will become and as a result you will improve your ice skating skills.

After you master the basic skills of ice skating you will be able to start learning various stunts if you want to. The leaps and twirls that professional ice skaters are able to perform are the result of plenty of practice. You may want to pay for classes with a professional in order to learn the right skills to be able to do such feats during ice skating.

You may find you want to participate in various types of ice skating competitions either on your own or as part of a team. These events take place on a regular basis so you may want to search online to find out what is available. If you are under the direction of a coach they will be able to get you signed up for the right competitions.

In order to make improvements of your ice skating skills you should have someone video tape your movements. You will likely find watching yourself to be a great way to identify what isn’t working right for you. Continue to have yourself video taped and learn from your actions. Always pay close attention to your instructor as well so you won’t get injured as you ice skate. Don’t be tempted to jump into challenging routines too soon or you will be putting yourself at risk.

If you choose to ice skate out doors you will need to make sure the ice is thin enough to sustain your weight. Serious injuries and even death can occur if someone falls into ice which has cracked due to the weight on top of it. Always pay attention to signs that tell you to stay off the ice. You should never go ice skating alone in case you do need assistance from another party.

Make sure you are dressed warmly while ice skating out doors. You don’t want to suffer from frost bite. Avoid loose clothing that can get caught up in your skates and cause you to fall. The ice at an indoor center is often cool as well so make sure you dress in layers. This way you can be comfortable depending on what the temperature is.

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